What I Do

I’m the one who’s been shocking employers who were sure there was nothing they could do to control their healthcare spend.  When you know where to look, you can cut huge portions of your healthcare cost – and those freed up dollars go straight to your bottom line.  Did you know the typical back surgery costs approximately $230,000… and that the best quality surgeries cost  about half that?  It is your money and your valuable team member. Wouldn’t you want to know how to provide the best possible care at the lowest cost? Or what about MRIs? Did you know that the price difference between the best and not-so-best may be several thousand dollars? And that the best diagnostic is usually among the least expensive? Understanding how to drive those savings can be intimidating. Few insurance professionals understand how to  get under the hood and tinker to make the plan work better I do. I literally wrote a book on it … and an e-book, too.
Why I Do It 
I started this business because I was sick and tired of people struggling with the endless cycle of unsustainable benefits increases and finding only non-workable solutions. Employers offer benefits to recruit and retain employees. Quote the renewal and get a less bad rate increase will no longer work for an employer’s budget. It will break the back of American business and it cannot continue. Top quality employees expect a robust and high-quality benefits plan. Ever increasing deductibles, out-of-pocket costs and premiums will no longer win the war for talent.There is a solution… a customized, simple, repeatable and predictable solution to control the cost of something incredibly valuable to both the employer and the employee.


How I Do It

My methodology is simple: Stop treating your benefits plan like an SG&A expense, get in there and manage the h@ll out of it.  View it as a Capital expense with a measurable ROI…Make it work for you and make it work for your employees. You want them to stick around right? Well… most of them.   We call the solution the BenefitsAdvantage Roadmap:
1. Uncover the hidden cost drivers
2. Uncover the hidden savings opportunities
3. Design your customized roadmap to savings, cost control and predictability
4. Roll it out
5. Refine and Optimize
You wouldn’t let your employee go off and buy their own computer or desk or supplies on your dime without knowing what it costs. Why let them do it with your medical plan dollars?

What I’d Like to See

The best employers inherently know that taking care of their employees means their employees will take care of their customers. Offering a benefits plan that takes care of the employee and doesn’t break the bank is a large component of taking care of employees. It can drive higher job satisfaction, improve morale and help with the ever-present issue of employee engagement.
Most employers don’t know how to accomplish this–or even that it is possible! I want every employer I work with to be in complete control of their healthcare spend–driving the maximum value from every dollar and allowing those saved dollars to use growing the business and the bottom line. AND I’d like to deliver a world-class benefits program to their employees.
That can mean finding a solution for an unexpectedly large Rx issue or enabling an employee to receive the highest quality treatment when a major diagnosis happens or finding and eliminating conflicts of interest in vendor contracts.


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